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Hello & Welcome to NickxSimmons! This community is based on Nick Simmons--
Son of Gene Simmons of the band Kiss.
In this community, you can post pictures, video clips, sites, art, music, interviews,
and anything else relating to the Simmons family.
Spread the word! Tell people about the first community dedicated to Nick Simmons.
This community is run by myself,in_a_century and aliciabouvier

under construck`shunn

+Please, no rude remarks. We're here to
appreciate the Simmons family-- Not bash them.
I'm sure there are other communities you can do that in.
+Try not to pry too much into the Simmons' personal life.
Yes, news and all that stuff is acceptable, but nothing too
+Most of all, have fun! Make friends! We've
all got the same interest-- and that's Nick. =]
more soon as they apply

+family jewels myspace

by ac_luvr_2007